28 August 2009

An Introduction

Who is the Enterprising Architect?
I am an Electronic Engineer by training having acquired an MEng in Electronic Engineering from Southampton University in 1989. My experiences in software development commenced prior to this and have continued to the present day in a variety of sectors including the Defence Industry, Environment Control, Document Management, Insurance, Banking and Public Sector. During this time, the industry has evolved the title of Architect and more recently Enterprise Architect to describe the activities that I undertake in my working life, and I have chosen to adopt it. In the latter stages of my career I have moved into roles that bridge the gap between business and technology and it is in these roles that I have found Enterprise Architecture to have the greatest relevance.

Why this blog?
In all of my engagements within my working life, I find that the most common initial conversation I have relates to the understanding (or more often misunderstanding) of what is meant by the term Enterprise Architecture. More importantly, I find myself explaining what Enterprise Architecture is, and what it can do for people. For this reason, I decided it might be useful for me to share this information with others, and in turn provide a forum whereby others might share their thoughts with me. More importantly, many opinions relating to the value or otherwise of architecture proliferate in literature and on the web, and I decided it was about time my voice was included in that community.

What will be covered?
My intention is to share my experiences relating to the use of Enterprise Architecture as a discipline that facilitates progress, and realises genuine business benefits. I will cover basic topics such as the structure of an Architecture, the methodologies employed, and my thoughts on what is of value and what is not. I am also hoping to prompt constructive discussion on the topic of Enterprise Architecture in order to further test and develop my own knowledge, and hopefully the knowledge of those who choose to participate in this blog, either passively or actively.

What will not be covered?
I do not intend to be deliberately controversial. I have no interest in creating arguments of a personal nature, nor am I interested in insulting or offending others in the profession. In the interests of propriety I will also not be referring directly to organisations for which I have worked, nor will I be making direct comment on the activities of specific companies or individuals (unless this is complementary in nature).

I hope you enjoy participating in this blog, and I look forward to your future visits.

The Enterprising Architect

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