16 October 2009

When is an EA not an EA?

In no particular order:

It Is NOT an Enterprise Architecture if...
  1. Your CxOs don't know what it is, and don't care what it says.
  2. Your strategic thinkers do not agree with what it says.
  3. It covers one area of the Businesss without considering the whole (and yes, IT is one part of the Business).
  4. It does not start with a single big picture that can be drawn on one piece of paper (and still be legible).
  5. There is more than one of it. (Question: "Do you have an EA?", Answer:"Oh yes! We have lots!").
  6. It tells you what the present looks like without telling you what the future is supposed to look like.
  7. It tells you how to work out the answer instead of telling you what the answer is.
  8. Using it is a burden for your projects instead of a boon.
  9. It is easier to ignore it than it is to follow it.
  10. What it says has not been agreed with the business leaders.
  11. It can be interpreted in many ways to suit many agendas.
  12. No one is looking at it and saying "That's it! That's what I wanted!".
  13. You cannot implement it in stages.
  14. It takes many people and many months to develop before it becomes useful.
  15. It is deemed to be complete. (My work here is done *whoosh*).
  16. You have to understand all of it before you can deliver a part of it.
The Enterprising Architect

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