3 July 2018

A Blast From The Past - Enterprise Architecture Mantra

Recently, and quite unexpectedly, a set of my tweets from 2009 resurfaced on Linkedin. It appears they've been gracing the walls of a Gartner partner and are still in use. Needless to say, I was surprised and flattered so I thought I'd resurrect them from Twitter and post them all here for posterity. It turns out there are 29 in total (rather than the 21 on the wall) so here they are in full (including original hashtags).

#EAMantra (1) Finding out you are wrong is one step closer to being right

#EAMantra (2) Just enough, just in time, justified

#EAMantra (3) Future first

#EAMantra (4) If you can't draw it you probably don't understand it

#EAMantra (5) If you can draw it but can't explain it you still don't understand it

#EAMantra (6) If you can't find any gaps in your architecture, you missed something

#EAMantra (7) If no-one is questioning your architecture, no-one is using it.

#EAMantra (8) Architecture is like alcohol. Just the right amount gives you confidence, but you need to know when to stop

#EAMantra (9) Implementing architecture is like buying a car. First question is not "how much will it cost?" but "how much can I afford?"

#EAMantra (10) Measure the success of your architecture by counting how few architects you have, not how many.

#EAMantra (11) Failing to deliver perfection is not a crime. Failing to deliver is.

#EAMantra (12) If you know it is the right architectural choice, add it to your architecture. If you think you know it is, add that too.

#EAMantra (13) Plan EA in days and weeks not months and years

#EAMantra (14) A good architecture is like a Bonsai tree. Growing it is the easy part; the real art lies in the pruning.

#EAMantra (15) Do not mistake low complexity for lack of detail

#EAMantra (16) If your future architecture isn't changing, your people have stopped thinking. Trust me; this is not good.

#EAMantra (17) Know your place... and believe in its importance

#EAMantra (18) Do not expect EA to please those who know nothing, as you are removing their blissful ignorance.

#EAMantra (19) Do not follow the path of least resistance... Create it.

#EAMantra (20) They won't really get it until they use it. If they use it and still don't get it, you failed.

#EAMantra (21) He who favours a complicated framework is unlikely to produce a simple architecture

#EAMantra (22) Don't get so caught up in the journey that you forget the destination

#EAMantra (24) When documenting your architecture think "graphic novel" not "war and peace"

#EAMantra (25) When scoping EA responsibilities, remember: If you mow your neighbour's lawn, you may get a turf war instead of a thank you

#EAMantra (26) Remember - an architecture is not a product... but it should be the blueprint for one

#EAMantra (27) One sure sign your enterprise architecture isn't happening - you're not benefiting from it yourself.

#EAMantra (28) I am an enterprise architect and on the door of my ivory tower is a sign that reads "It can be done!"

#EAMantra (29) Make your enterprise architecture practical AND attractive - it may not be a building but people will have to live in it


The Enterprising Architect

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